With the move to remote working, are you asking the right questions to attract the right executives to your company?

According to a recent LinkedIn Talent Solutions report – The Future of Recruiting, how Covid-19 is transforming hiring – 84% of talent professionals across EMEA say that virtual recruiting will continue post the pandemic. 79% also believe that remote working will be important in shaping the future of hiring.

Virtual recruiting has undoubtedly been an advantage to businesses during the pandemic, ensuring agility and expansion of the workforce, streamlining hiring processes and associated costs, all while keeping the safety of personnel in the hiring chain as a top priority. However, the realised benefits are not just limited to the pandemic, the likelihood is that this practice will continue for most businesses into the future. Although when it comes to senior and executive positions, what should the process be? JMR is able to advise your talent acquisition teams on the best approach for hiring executive leaders – as it’s more likely an executive level position will require a face-to-face meeting towards the latter stages of hiring – and how to create a bespoke process for each candidate.

When considering remote working as a new normal, for many businesses there are significant advantages – an increase in productivity and an increase in the diversity of available talent (if geography in relation to a physical place of work no longer holds importance, talent can come from anywhere across the globe), not to mention the potential savings on premises, facilities and salaries. This all sounds great for businesses that have appropriate plans, processes, systems, and technology set up to accommodate this new way of working. For those that do not this can be a challenge, along with maintaining company culture, employee interaction, morale and visibility within the business.

Whatever the approach, JMR can help. As a recruitment business partner, we fully integrate ourselves into your business, your values, culture, and objectives. We can advise on workforce planning, and tap into our vast networks to find you the right executives and leadership teams for your business. We can also provide feedback and insights on talent pools, whether local, national, or global, and source exceptional candidates that align with the skills and cultural fit of your business.

Conversely, with many businesses changing and adapting to new methods of work, it can be easy to lose sight of what makes you an attractive employer to executive candidates. Previously the focus may have been on tangible assets, such as the physical workplace, amenities, and business materials. It is now more important than ever to focus on the community and social purpose element of your business. This may be employee support, living your diversity and inclusion policy, what you are doing as a business to positively impact the community, charitable initiatives, or environmental commitments as a few examples. Interestingly 67%¹ of people say that diversity is important to them when researching potential employers, and 27%² of employees say they are more likely to stay at a company that carries a purpose other than profit. JMR can provide feedback on the wants and needs of executives when looking for their next career move and help shape your brand, ensuring you are an attractive business to the right executive talent.

The world of executive recruitment and talent acquisition is changing, there is no better time to partner with an executive search team that has the same passion and commitment to your business as you do.   

JMR Global Executive Search is a boutique executive search and selection recruitment consultancy, with the expertise, network and global reach expected of a large-scale consultancy, combined with a bespoke and personal service. We work with clients of all sizes worldwide, predominantly across C-level, HR, Sales, Finance and Legal roles. Read more about our services here.

¹ Reference https://www.socialtalent.com/blog/diversity-and-inclusion/9-companies-around-the-world-that-are-embracing-diversity

² Reference https://www.re-generate.org/the-case-for-purpose-driven-business